February 2017

Earn CANs for excellence in reporting. The Soup has the best reports anywhere!
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February 2017

Post by Mike Ward » March 20th, 2017, 9:39 pm

Uhhh... whoops - we're 2/3s into March and I'm just now doing the Feb Can-Do MVP... sorry about that - been a crazy few weeks with starting a new job and prepping for the Striper Mafia tourney. February was a very mild one most places and afforded some good fishing - not as many reports as I'd have expected as a result. We did have a tie for 1st this month, and my normal tie-breaker rules did not help, so since I expect I know who's going to take March, and he was one of the two in question, the other guy gets this month......

February's Can-Do Winner: Steve Hightower

February's totals:
Total # of Can's earned this month: 77 (up 9 from last month)
# of Soupers submitting Can-Do reports: 14 (up 2 from last month)
# of Soupers earning their 1st Can this month: 0 (same as last month)

February's tally:

30 Cans:
Mike Ward*

8 Cans:
Shawn McNew*

6 Cans:
Steve Hightower
Dustin Pate

5 Cans:
Will Hackney

4 Cans:
Riley Dyer

3 Cans:
Tyler Early
Jan Daniel
Jason Burnett

2 Cans:
David Powell
Jamie Townsend
Steve Gordon
Robert Suarez

1 Can:
Sean Reynolds

2017 Can-Do Tally:
42 Mike Ward
24 Dustin Pate
17 Riley Dyer
15 Will Hackney
11 Shawn McNew
6 Ezell Cox
6 Ken Sato
6 Jonathan Harrison
6 Steve Hightower
6 Jay Garrell
6 Jay Daniel
6 Robert Suarez
5 Michael Cox
5 Jason Burnette
4 David Powell
4 Steve Gordon
3 Tyler Early
3 Jamie Townsend
2 Ryan Kummer
2 Mickey Nightrain
1 Sean Reynolds

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