May 2017

Earn CANs for excellence in reporting. The Soup has the best reports anywhere!
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Mike Ward
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May 2017

Post by Mike Ward » June 22nd, 2017, 10:54 am

Dang guys - sorry - I've been slacking on the Can-Do tallys - had a hectic time recently at home in the evenings and weekend..... anyway - caught up with May almost in time for the June tally :) A wet May many places and that held back on some fishing, but still some good stuff turned in.....

May's Can-Do Winner: Ryan Kumer

May's totals:
Total # of Can's earned this month: 43 (down 12 from last month)
# of Soupers submitting Can-Do reports: 7 (up 1 from last month)
# of Soupers earning their 1st Can this month: 0 (down 1 from last month)

May's tally:

9 Cans:
Dustin Pate*
Ryan Kumer

7 Cans:
Shawn McNew*
Kyle Bakis

4 Cans:
Jason Burnette

3 Cans:
Mike Ward
Charles Parker

1 Can:
Jonathan Harrison

Year to Date totals:
77 Mike Ward
76 Dustin Pate
19 Will Hackney
17 Riley Dyer
16 Shawn McNew
14 Ryan Kummer
14 Jay Daniel
14 Jason Burnette
13 Jonathan Harrison
9 Tyler Early
9 Steve Hightower
7 Kyle Bakis
6 Ezell Cox
6 Ken Sato
6 Jay Garrell
6 Robert Suarez
5 Michael Cox
5 Mickey Nightrain
5 Charles Parker
4 David Powell
4 Steve Gordon
3 Jamie Townsend
2 Roland Zamorano
2 Mark Segel
2 Ralph Myers
1 Sean Reynolds

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Shawn McNew
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Re: May 2017

Post by Shawn McNew » June 22nd, 2017, 12:28 pm

Way to go Ryan! Lots of good reports from you and the other guys. It's always good to read about the trips and see fish from different rivers and lakes. Keep posting reports and pics and show us the goods.

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John Trembley
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Re: May 2017

Post by John Trembley » June 22nd, 2017, 4:27 pm

Thank you for your reports Ryan! I really enjoy reading all of the reports on the Soup. Hey if I bet on Jon Harrison to win the CAN DO in June is there anyone willing to give me 9 to 1 odds on a buck? (Besides Jon Harrison?)

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