2015 Dues DUE

READ THESE FIRST! Important Striper Soup stuff.
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Shawn McNew
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2015 Dues DUE

Post by Shawn McNew » December 16th, 2014, 10:24 pm

We have a NEW tiered dues system for 2014, so make sure you pay AT LEAST ;) the right amount to maintain uninterrupted membership. I will temporarily deactivate unpaid memberships the first week of Jan. :x You'll regain service at time of payment.

This dues system rewards members for contributing. If you don't post, you'll pay a little more for mooching. But don't post junk just to post junk, you have to EARN your reduced dues! Junk posts like smileys, nonsense, or anything that doesn't contribute will get deleted. Once you get 500 posts, you can post anything you want!

If you were on the old Soup, your old posts will be added to your new Soup posts.

Can-Do winners are exceptionally valuable and will get a free year's membership for excellence in Soup reporting.

Tiered Dues:
$20 - 0-50 posts
$15 - 51-100 posts
$12 - 100-200 posts
$10 - 200-500 posts
$5 - 500+ posts

Payment options:
Paypal: Send money to stripersoup@gmail.com. To prevent Paypal fees, click the Personal tab and select "other" before you send.
Mail Mail: Send check or cash to Striper Soup/4705 S Main St./Acworth, GA 30101
Pay in person: Come to the shop!

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Shawn McNew
Posts: 7457
Joined: March 26th, 2011, 8:30 pm
Location: Lake Allatoona

Re: 2015 Dues DUE

Post by Shawn McNew » January 20th, 2015, 6:00 pm

Friendly Reminder, if you aren't a Can-Do winner for 2014, haven't signed up in the last 30 days, but want to keep your membership active here, please make sure you do it. I will be tallying memberships this week. I will post this list of members who have pledged their desire to stay active and try to keep it updated until I get the final tally in the next couple of days. Note, the list is not complete.

Tim Adrien
Todd Asher
Ezell Cox
Jon Harrison
Tony Hughes
Don Schleicher
Michael Ward
Arnie Davis
Dirk Dial
Tyler Early
Will Hackney
Steve Hightower
Nick Jeffers
Ryan Kummer
Dustin Pate
Sean Reynolds
Mike Werner
Chuck Alford
Barry Bertoldi
John DiFederico
Les Dorsett
Russell Edwards
Jim Fleming
Marc Floyd
Larry Friday
Jay Garrell
Steve Gordon
Wayne Greeson
Danny Leigh
Cory Malabey
John Mantovani
Steve Marlow
Rick Martin
Dave McDonald
Mike McGuigan
Chris Merritt
Dawson Mion
David Powell
Troy Roberson
Justin Rose
Ken Sato
Richard Sexton
Thad Spates
Patrick Spinks
Jeff Stone
Brian Story
Dewitt Sweat
Nathan Tritt
Brett Wendel
Dylan Xiong
John Yancey
Roland Zamorano

If you paid by paypal, and paid the wrong account, you might not be on this list and might experience an interruption of service because you can't follow simple instructions like everybody else. :shme: Let me know if you paid electronically and your name isn't on here. If you paid by postal mail, your name isn't on the list, but it will be updated on Thursday.

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