Pay Dues for FULL ACCESS

READ THESE FIRST! Important Striper Soup stuff.
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Pay Dues for FULL ACCESS

Post by Shawn McNew » April 10th, 2011, 10:29 am

Striper Soup will be 7 years old this December and has amassed a veritable encyclopedia of information at the old location: and will continue doing so here at its new home. It is unlike any other forum in that the environment is that of a family in which everybody is joined by the passion of striper fishing. There will be knowledge shared here that you cannot get anywhere else. Paying dues is not for everybody, but the guys and gals who do will reap the benefits of being able to read and share their reports and participate in unique Striper Soup events like the Fish Your Ass Off Striped Bass Off, Striper Soup Troup Group, Quickie Competitions, and whatever else we come up with. The Soup is always on the forefront of the striper industry/resource, keeping up with fish patterns, product innovation, striper politics, etc...

Dues to be a member are $1 per month to be paid annually. Dues for next year will be accepted starting in December.

I accept both Paypal and regular mail.

If interested in joining or staying a member of the Soup family, shoot me an email at

Membership on will grant you access to the old soup as well. You will need to sign up at the above link if you didn't already. There are no more free trials on the old Soup forum.



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Shawn McNew
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2012 Dues

Post by Shawn McNew » December 3rd, 2012, 7:15 pm

Ok dudes, it's that time of year. Help keep the Soup spicy! Here's the payment info a little different than years past:

Paypal to MAKE SURE TO CLICK PERSONAL TAB BEFORE SENDING and select "other" for type of payment
Mail cash/check made out to Striper Soup Bait & Tackle to
Striper Soup
4705 S Main St.
Acworth, GA 30101
I can take CC payments over the phone during business hours if you prefer that!

Plenty of options, so make sure I don't have to deactivate any accounts first week of Jan. Man I would LOVE that bc it's a pain in the ARSE.


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Shawn McNew
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Re: Pay Dues for FULL ACCESS

Post by Shawn McNew » January 4th, 2013, 7:43 am

If you've been deactivated you have nobody to blame but yourself so please don't get mad at me and be like "That asshole, I'm not joining back up!" Having said that, as soon as your dues roll in, your account gets reactivated! Here is the 2013 active memberlist:

As of 3:00 PM 2/2/13
Jimmy Arnold
Todd Asher
Kelly Barnett
Philip Bell
Barry Bertoldi
Jim Burch
Scott Carter
Donnie Christopher
Jeff Cocking
Michael Cox
Scott Cress
Arnie Davis
Dirk Dial
John DiFederico
Brad Dilbeck
Russell Dobbs
Edward Dunbar
Fred Duncan
Tyler Early
Russ Edwards
Tim Edwards
Kent Enderle
Bill Fitzgerald
Jim Fleming
Marc Floyd
Chad Gilmore
Steve Gordon
Shawn Griffin
Will Hackney
Jonathan Harrison
Rob Hedrick
Robert Held
Kevin Hill
David Hogue
Michael Hogue
Ronnie Holden
Al Kelly
Richard Landry
Danny Leigh
Jon Levy
Mike Maddalena
John Mantovani
Rick Martin
Jason McClure
Dave McDonald
Mike McGuigan
Pat McNew
Chris Merritt
Dawson Mion
Ralph Morris
Dustin Pate
Matt Payne
Matt Payne
Eric Peace
David Powell
Mike Price
Spence Rackley
Roger Rhoades
Troy Roberson
David Robinson
Randy Roy
Ken Sato
Don Schleicher
Richard Sexton
Todd Smith
Jeff Stone
Brian Story
Dewitt Sweat
Jamie Townsend
Jeff Trembley
JM Trembley
John Trembley
Andy Tripp
Mike Ward
John Weir
Brett Wendel
Mike Werner
Dennis Wynn
John Yancey
Roland Zamorano
Shawn Zike

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