What Striper Soup is about

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What Striper Soup is about

Post by Shawn McNew » April 5th, 2011, 12:11 am

We, the anglers of Striper Soup, in order to catch more and bigger striper, obtain bait, insure their friskiness, provide tackle for the capture, promote the stripers' welfare, and secure our riggings of fishitude to ourselves and our posterity, do catch and release this majestic creature across the United States of America. -Chef 2011

In all seriousness, I have dedicated myself to educating those who wish to be educated and have sought to be educated about the proper ways to execute a good angling conservation plan. No method is 100% without flaw, however the mission of Striper Soup is to encourage anglers to respect our striper resource and conserve to the best of their ability for our future generations of fishermen. The advent of the internet as a means for communication about every topic imaginable has offered us the opportunity to band together from points across the country on a common ground. Striper Soup was originally founded on December 22, 2005 as my way of bringing an elite group of anglers together to share thoughts and information about the fish we seek to capture.

My vision has been realized, and the Soup has already made some VERY positive influences in some subtle ways to governments, striper clubs, other striper forums, and many individuals. It seems that if something is mentioned here, the shockwave carries beyond the pages of the forum.

We have achieved a 'family' that no other forum I've ever been a member of has. Nuances like using real names and locations are ways to make sharing information more personal. We are all brothers. We stamp out liars, and people who try to infiltrate the bonds of good-hearted fishermen. Some folks have come and gone, some folks have come and gone and come back, some folks have come and gone and come and gone and come back, and some folks have just stuck around through it all. The Soup is always here for people willing to be decent and open minded. The Soup doesn't tolerate foulness, and I'll remove it with extreme swiftness and prejudice.

Let's enjoy our time here on this big ball of water floating through space and share our wisdom with each other.


PS. Don't forget our roots: http://seeinstripes.com/stripersoup/viewtopic.php?t=2


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